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A journey across Russia – in photos

A journey across Russia – in photos
Nizhnevartovsk. Image: Roman Gostev

12 March 2020

Endless snowscapes, remote village scenes, and dramatic sunsets create a dreamlike feel on the Russian Instagram account @rus_atmos.

Everyday countryside scenes will transport you to a world of farmers driving their pigs along powder-covered roads, rural houses with embroidered white curtains, and swathes of flower-patterned tablecloths.

The moments that @rus_atmos catches in the city, meanwhile, will be familiar to those who have witnessed them themselves — but may look a little odd to the uninformed viewer.

Romantic photos of trains and journeys are another running theme of this account; a nod to the vast distances Russians have to travel across the country.

Curating submissions from different photographers, @rus_atmos also includes photos of more inaccessible or surreal scenes, such as the prison hospital portrayed below, or a woman watching television in her flooded living room.

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A journey across Russia – in photos

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A journey across Russia – in photos

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A journey across Russia – in photos

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