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First McDonald’s to open in Kazakhstan

First McDonald's to open in Kazakhstan
(Image: Astana Times)

23 February 2016

The first branches of fast food chain McDonald’s are set to open in Kazakhstan.

Two restaurants will open in the capital Astana, with one branch on both the left and right banks of the Ishim River, while another will occupy the premises of the former Alatau Cinema in Almaty.

“McDonald’s is developing its business as a good neighbour, so preservation of the architectural ensemble of the city is of great importance for us. The Alatau Cinema building has not been functioning for many years, but we certainly understand that it is an iconic place for the residents. Therefore, in the construction of the restaurant and landscaping of the adjacent territory, we will make every effort to ensure that the McDonald’s in the centre of Almaty becomes an integral part of the urban landscape and a genuine point of attraction, a favourite recreation spot for the locals,” said Alex Filippenko, General Director of Food Solutions, the company building the Kazakhstan branches.

While the opening dates for the restaurants have not been confirmed, it is anticipated that the branches will open within the first half of 2016.

McDonald’s has opened branches in many countries of the former Soviet Union. The USSR saw the opening of its first McDonald’s on 30 January 1990 in Moscow, with more than 30,000 people visiting the restaurant on the first day.

Source: Astana Times