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Watch this i-D documentary on Kiev’s rave scene

1 June 2016

British magazine i-D has released a short documentary about Kiev’s new rave scene titled Exploring Ukraine’s Underground Rave Revolution.

At the centre of the documentary are promoter Slava Lepsheev and his night Cxema and a like-minded crew of creatives and young ravers. “Cxema became a statement of protest, however oblique, at the turmoil the revolution had thrown the country’s young men and women in, it was born out of a desire for normalcy, escapism and abandon in a country where the future was looking bleak. The young Ukrainians’ burning desire to turn things around is palpable - and truly inspiring. It’s certainly not easy to set up a rave, or establish a fashion brand, or do anything creative and make money off it in Ukraine - but many are embracing the adventure, working together to create something beautiful, like Cxema”, writes producer Kate Villevoye in the introduction to the film.

Find out more about Kiev’s emerging youth culture and complex cultural heritage in The Calvert Journal special project on the ciy. Or explore Ukrainian rave scene further through Slava Lepsheev’s mixtape of 90s rave tunes, a photographic essay on Cxema and a list of rising stars from Kiev’s underground electronic music scene.