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First ever Slovenian thesaurus to be published in October

First ever Slovenian thesaurus to be published in October
(Image: ZRJ)

8 August 2016

Writers, journalists and students in Slovenia are about to have their jobs made that little bit easier, with the announcement of the first Slovenian language thesaurus.

The thesaurus, which will contain over 78,000 synonyms, is set to come out in October this year. It will first be launched in book form, with an online version anticipated in “the foreseeable future”, according to the thesaurus’ chief editor, Jerica Snoj.

The thesaurus differs “significantly from other word collections named ‘dictionary of synonyms’ or web search engines for synonyms” in its listing of related words together in groups and its explanation of their shared meaning, Snoj explains.

Published by ZRC, the publishing wing of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the book will be known as the SSSJ and will complement the SSKJ dictionary of the Slovenian language, which serves as the key reference book for standard Slovenian.

Source: The Slovenia Times