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Take a look at this new Latvian Art Deco coin

Take a look at this new Latvian Art Deco coin
(Image: Latvijas Banka / Facebook)

10 August 2016

Yesterday the Bank of Latvia released a new dish-shaped collectible coin in honour of the local Baltars Art Deco workshop and the ceramic master Romans Suta (1896–1944).

Designed by Frančeska Kirke in homage to Romans Suta’s 1927 decorative piece Deja (Dance), Baltars. Porcelāns honours the Baltars ceramic painting workshop, which was in operation during the interwar period.

Shaped like a tiny dish, the coin features the Baltars workshop’s logo on one side, while five dancers in folk costumes grace the other side, taken from Suta’s design.

“The decorative art masterpieces made at the Baltars workshop correspond to the highest levels of achievement in European and worldwide Art Deco design and have become a pride of Latvian national culture,” the Bank of Latvia said in a press statement.

Latvian news site LSM helpfully suggests that the dish-inspired coin could serve as the perfect water bowl for any particularly small pets.

Source: LSM