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Meet the Croatian artist behind FIFA’s highest honour

Meet the Croatian artist behind FIFA’s highest honour
(Image: The Anatomy of a Trophy / FIFATV / YouTube)

9 January 2017

Tonight the crème de la crème of the football world will gather together in Zurich for the Best FIFA Football Awards 2016. Those honoured at the ceremony will be presented with a stunning trophy, designed by Croatian artist Ana Barbić Katičić.

FIFA commissioned Katičić to design an original platinum-coated trophy — her finished design has a form that echoes the iconic figure of the World Cup trophy, while also boasting a distinctly contemporary and dynamic feel.

“The ball on the top of the trophy represents the history of football and the history of FIFA too,” FIFA’s Deputy Secretary General of Football Zvonimir Boban said in a statement to “I believe this is beautiful storytelling, it shows respect for the traditions of football, while maintaining a modern look. This makes it a purely postmodern trophy.”

Mr Boban, who was appointed last year by FIFA as a special adviser, is the former captain of Croatia’s football team, and himself approached Katičić regarding the design.

The trophy has been created using the same technology often employed in aeronautical design, with precision to a 12,000th of a millimetre.

“I’m so happy to have been part of this project and to be connected with these experts in high technology that produced it. [...] It combines simplicity and minimalism that were the ideas behind the trophy and it is really magical,” said Katičić.

Find out more about the trophy in this film by FIFA.