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Meet the Russian chef whose cakes broke the internet

26 January 2017

Pastry chef Olga Noskova shot to fame last year, when photos and videos of her incredible cakes went viral. Now the confectioner has scored a nomination for The Shorty Awards, which honour the best content creators and producers on social media.

Hailing from southwestern city of Ufa, Noskova began her cake making practice in 2015 after going on maternity leave from her Italian fashion business. She has since become one of Russia’s most popular food bloggers, with a following of over 600,000 on Instagram.

Noskova was particularly inspired by the mousse cakes of famous patisseries such as Ladurée, also drawing on minimalist and impressionist art.

Taking her lead from her artistic inspiration, Noskova — now known for her shiny “mirror cakes” — aims for each to cake she makes to be unique, a work of art in itself.

You can see more of Olga Noskova’s spectacular cakes here.