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Meet the Ukrainian patisserie chef taking inspiration from architecture

1 March 2017

Ukrainian patisserie chef Dinara Kasko’s background is in architecture and design — now she’s using her experience to blow us away with her spectacular geometric cake creations.

Based in Kharkiv, Kasko makes use of 3D modelling software to create silicone molds for her stunning desserts. Together with meticulous piping, these moulds allow the chef to achieve clean geometric lines and flawless smooth surfaces.

“The process began by making a few simple desserts using simple geometrical figures,” Kasko told Dezeen. “These cakes were developed to have a more aesthetic focus.”

From bubbles to concrete-like surfaces, Kasko’s cakes are both intriguing and diverse.

“I use ideas and inspiration from modern architecture, art, nature and any other objects that surround us,” the chef explained.

Kasko has fast become a culinary internet star, now commanding a crowd of over 300,000 Instagram followers. Fans inspired by her creations can try her techniques for themselves — the silicone moulds Kasko designs using Autodesk’s 3ds Max software can be bought on her website.

You can explore more cake creations on Dinara Kasko’s Instagram.

Source: Dezeen

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