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World’s largest cheburek baked in Crimea

11 May 2017

Snack lovers rejoice, your street food dreams have come true: last weekend in Crimea a 100kg cheburek became a record-breaker.

A Crimean Tatar national dish traditional among Caucasian and Turkic peoples, the deep-fried turnovers filled with meat and onions are commonly found at street food stalls in Russia and across the post-Soviet space.

The monster cheburek, weighing in at 100kg, was prepared in Bakhchisaray in honour of the Tatar Hıdırlez holiday. Despite the fact that 15kg of meat, 75kg of flour and 1.3 tonnes of vegetable oil were used, it took just two minutes to cook the cheburek, although it took a day and a half to bring the oil to the boil.

The previous world record belonged to the village of Yalta in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, where a cheburek with a length of 2.02 m and a width of 1.07m was made.

“We beat their record, ours is 2.55m by 1.4m. The preparation lasted three days,” chef Rasim Shaykhumer exclaimed proudly.

Source: TJournal (in Russian)