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Uzbekistan enters record books with world’s biggest plov

13 September 2017

Hugely popular across Central Asia, plov is nothing less than a national obsession in Uzbekistan. Last week, Uzbek chefs produced a portion of the rice-based dish so big that it entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

After an impressive trial run in August, which saw a team of 50 top chefs create a portion weighing more than six tonnes in a veritable plov fest, the chefs outdid even themselves on 8 September.

Far exceeding the 4 tonnes required to beat the official record, the team of distinguished cooks from across Uzbekistan managed to prepare 7,360 kg of plov at Tashkent’s O’zbegim festival, under the watchful eye of Guinness Book of World Records official Richard Stenning. 1,500 kg of meat, 1,900 kg of rice, 2,700 kg of carrots, 220 kg of onions and 440 litres of vegetable oil were used in the preparation of the mammoth dish.

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