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Slovenian architects transform World War One bunker into serene mountain retreat

8 January 2018

A team of architects have transformed a military bunker hidden in the Slovenian mountains into a sustainable retreat for tired adventurers.

Celje-based design firm Premica Architects provided the driving force behind the renovation, using the concrete remains of a bunker in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park to form the foundations of the new mountain shelter.

The original structure was part of a network of alpine fortresses built by Italian troops in the wake of World War One. Now the cabin — known locally as the Prehodavci bivouac — only hints at its military past, using timber and cross-laminated wooden panels to create a cosy, modern interior which blends in effortlessly with the cabin’s alpine surroundings.

Solar panels are used to power lights inside the cabin, which has no running water. And if you need the toilet? Be prepared to make a quick trip to the outside lavatory: although with views like this, you might not mind making a quick midnight stroll.