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Slide through Croatian design collective Numen/For Use’s magical scotch tape tunnels

24 January 2018

Based between Vienna and Zagreb, industrial design collective Numen/For Use push the boundaries of interactive art.

Their latest sculpture — simply called Tape — encouraged visitors at Des Moines Art Center to explore the piece by taking off their shoes and clambering through the artwork itself.

All of the tunnels, suspended from the concrete walls of the Iowa exhibition space, were made from clear packaging tape.

Previous versions of the sculpture have been built in Paris, Frankfurt, and Vienna from materials including rope and net.

The collective say that their work explores perceptions of objects, space and theatre.

The piece formed part of the centre’s Drawing in Space exhibition, which showcased artists from around the globe working through the medium of tape.

To see more of Numen/For Use’s work, visit their website by clicking here.