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Monster Cabaret: Czech design firm Lasvit is creating childhood nightmares from glass

12 April 2018

Creeping from the floorboards and peering from the walls, the monsters at the heart of Lasvit’s latest show in Milan stretch and evolve the very idea of fear.

Created by different artists from across the globe, each glass sculpture captures a personal snapshot of fear and unease in a material designed to be both fragile and eternal.

Sixteen designers — included Alessandro Mendini, the Campana Brothers, Fabio Novembre and Daniel Libeskind — collaborated to create the work as part of an installation by Czech glass design company Lasvit at the city’s Teatro Gerolamo. Some evoke classic Japanese or European myths. Others draw inspiration from world leaders and events — and even sex toys.

“This collection is truly exceptional, not only on account of the ideas behind it, but also in terms of the craftsmanship. Some of the designs are really challenging for the artisans and the most unique pieces are available only in limited editions,” said Lasvit founder Leon Jakimič in a press statement.

The Monster Cabaret will be running at Teatro Gerolamo in Milan between 17 April and 22 April. For more information, visit the Lasvit website by clicking here.