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Delada: a London-based Russian label inspired by personal memories and collective history

Their SS18 collection explores the heritage of the smugglers illegally imported goods from China and Poland after the collapse of the Soviet Union

6 December 2017

This emerging London-based brand has already gained recognition among industry’s heavyweights such as SHOWstudio and the founder of cult Machine-A store Stavros Karelis — not to mention a dozen top retailers worldwide.

For designer Lada Komarova, her Russian heritage is an ongoing source of inspiration. She taps into both personal memories channeled through textures and patterns, and collective history: in the Spring-Summer 2018 collection Komarova explored the heritage of the smugglers who dealt with the illegal import of goods from China and Poland after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The curious relics of this material history are resurrected through concealed pockets, additional layers and hidden pouches in the garments, and the recognisable checked pattern of enormous smugglers’ bags. Whatever the story, Delada pieces are perfect for the truly contemporary wardrobe, their flexibility in styling and practicality proving accommodating regardless of age or gender.